About Us

What makes our Service Unique

Lindy Connaughton first started in Telephone Marketing by perfecting a training programme for Yellow Pages.

She then successfully applied her unique approach to a range of PR, Marketing, Design, Production and Fashion Businesses.

Since setting up The Telephone Marketing & Training Company, Lindy has developed an enviable reputation in the field of Telephone Marketing, consistently producing positive results that enable clients to get face-to-face with key decision makers.

An ever-expanding range of businesses, including Accountants, Architects, Solicitors and Charities, now use The Telephone Marketing & Training Company’s services.

The key to this success is in how Lindy handpicks her marketers, selecting only intelligent and articulate professionals. All marketers are rigorously trained to know intuitively what to say on your behalf, once they have ascertained your specific requirements.

The Telephone Marketing & Training Company was the first company to work on-site with clients and we continue to offer our services either remotely or at your premises. We quickly become a part of your team, from selecting an appropriate database to fine tuning the right approach to get the very best results.

Lindy is always on hand, constantly monitoring results to make sure you receive the best possible return on your Marketing Investment. To ensure focus and efficiency all marketing collateral and activity is reviewed with you prior to a campaign.

Our understanding of your needs will be reflected in our approach to each and every unique requirement.

Additionally, Lindy offers the opportunity to train your employees in the skills of successful telephone marketing, allowing you to run your own campaign with your own team of existing staff.

With such a wealth of experience The Telephone Marketing & Training Company has often been emulated, but never bettered.

Call us today and we can start calling for you.