How We Charge

Flexible Fees:
Our tried and tested formula


Although each client is treated as a bespoke project, The Telephone Marketing & Training Company works on a tried and tested formula. This involves a basic setup and information gathering exercise, followed by a series of 3hr modules with your fully trained, professional team member who you meet with and approve prior to commencement. The number of modules required depends upon many factors which would become evident as the project is researched.

Our Project Managers are in contact with team members at all times, constantly appraising response and progress in order to guarantee you the most effective and professional service.

The Fast Track Telephone Campaign
For businesses that have a more limited requirement we have introduced the recession busting ‘once a week quick fix’.

The same quality and attention to detail as you would expect from The Telephone Marketing & Training Company, but a service that gives a quickfire boost to existing marketing. Many start-up companies have found this service invaluable as an addition to their networking/marketing activities.

Please contact The Telephone Marketing & Training Company for details of packages and fees.