How We Work

Telephone Marketing …and beyond


  • Our TEAMS look at YOUR Market with YOU.
  • We look at the COMPETITION – analyse your POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS
  • We give you a FREE analysis of your existing MARKETING MATERIAL (including Website and Advertising)
  • We make sure that EVERY part of your MARKETING STRATEGY is working at MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY
  • Next we work with YOU to produce a FOCUSSED, EFFECTIVE approach and MESSAGE producing an intelligent, PROFESSIONAL voice for your BUSINESS
  • TELEPHONE – NETWORKING by professionals on your behalf

Apart from approaching potential clients who genuinely want to meet you, we supply:

Announce A Sale, Grand Opening, Or Special Event


Market Research


Trade Show Follow-up

Appointment Setting

Lead Generation / Qualification

Phone Sales

Seminar Registration


Direct Mail Follow-up

List Cleaning/Database Update



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The Telephone Marketing Company has successfully augmented our own business development activity and produced useful market intelligence at a cost-effective price

Emma Herman

National Marketing Manager, Capita Architecture