Communication using the Telephone is an ART.

  1. Telephone Marketing  and every day communication demands the use of Effective Telephone Skills 
  2. Learning Effective Telephone skills can be challenging. 
  3. Our years of experience can be shared with our Effective Training Programs.
  4. The Telephone is one of the most familiar pieces of technology in the workplace and its use is often taken for granted. 
  5. Relationships are forged or broken  by the way we converse with people. 
  6. The ability to communicate in a prompt, friendly and professional manner is essential to creating the right impression and getting your message across.

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Our candidates develop and build on existing skills and master the art of effective communication as well as the necessary skills to secure customer satisfaction. It is important to both receive and document received information as well as giving precise and relevant information.

We also cover methods of coping and dealing with difficult customers.

Programs include

Creating the right impression for the Company.

Confidence building enabling efficient handling of calls and callers inquiries

Dealing with calls in a structured way, enabling the message to be taken or given professionally

Knowing how to cope with problem callers

Dealing with calls effectively and confidently

A structured method of recording calls and closing calls properly with agreed goals and customer satisfaction


Who Benefits

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All staff who have to answer the phone as a part of there daily work duties at whatever level. Though we focus particularly on Receptionists, Switchboard Operators and Telemarketing Personnel.

Training Times

Programs are bespoke and tailored to specific areas that are identified in advance. Courses are usually 4 – 6 hours.

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